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Your Favorite People On 3GG Will Be Taking Some Time Off Over The Christmas / New Year Break – But We Will Be Back Monday Jan 12. Radio Market Will Return On Jan 31. 

 Hi, its Deaksy. Thanks for tuning in to 531 3GG online, and as much as we’d love to play you what’s on air right now, sadly we’re not able to.

The record industry, represented by the PPCA, is targeting local radio stations like ours to try and get massive additional payments for the music we play, just because you happen to be listening to it online – and we already pay them for this music.

We know that for some of you, listening to us through the website or via an app is sometimes the only way you can actually hear our station, so we’re doing all we can to explain to the Government that these extra charges are unjustified.

The Government can actually fix this and help our station by reissuing a simple regulation.

You can help too, by contacting our Local MP Russell Broadbent. Just email russell.broadbent.mp@aph.gov.au or call him on 03 5623 2064.

Thanks for your support and hopefully next time you try to listen online, you’ll hear the station and not this message.

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