Look Who’s Back!

His snout has been in the petty cash tin again and he’s ready to make you a winner!

Get amongst the winning from Monday Sept 7 by guessing how much “Sir Oinks A Lot” has gobbled up.

Our jackpot amount will be somewhere between $1 & $531

Listen across your workday as we help you to the winning amount by saying if your guess is too High or to Low.

We will give you 12 chances to win every hour across your workday thanks to Drouin Watch & Jewellery. .

Listen for your cue to call or we may select a random web entry below so better your chances by filling in the entry below- on Forever Classic 3GG.

If you are looking for the clues thus far for the Ultimate Ear Test click here

Postal Address

Vinyl Survival has always been interactive with you the listener choosing the outright winner. Now it has evolved to a new level – Introducing the “Pit Of Hits”! Each weekday morning at 7:10 we will pull one song from the Pit of Hits – that song could be one that either Deaksy, Trent or Lance has pre -selected OR it could be one of yours! Use the form below to nominate your favorite song to go into the pit. The song that is pulled out will set the theme for the others to come up with their own combatant to go against that song. Then it is up to you to choose the winner from the 3 songs or 4 if a listener suggestion is pulled out.

General Contest Terms & Conditions
*In order to provide a fair system for all 3GG listeners, any winner agrees that in receiving their prize that they are ineligible to receive any additional prizes on 3GG for a period of 30 days from the date of winning that prize. If a prize exceeds $100 in value then they will be ineligible to win any prize for a period of 60 days. If a prize exceeds $500 value then they will be ineligible to win any prize for a period of 90 days. If the prize drawer is one that involves a “Random Draw” from a pool of on line and / or phone entries – the announcer will try the supplied phone number twice. If there is no answer after the second try then there will be a re-draw until such time as we find a winner who answers. Any prizes are offered are limited to one person / per household per month.

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