The 3GG Game is back!

One of Gippsland's easiest games is back from Monday July 8!

Listen across your workday for your cue to call or register for a call back by completing your details below.

Every hour you have he chance to reveal what is under the "3" the "G" or the "Double G" thanks to changes at TM&H Home Timber & Hardware!

From games and family fun thanks to Crown & Andrews, to CD's, DVD's and vouchers to use at top Gippsland attractions like Gumbuya World, Walhalla Long Tunnel and train passes and so much more!

More Chances To Win - More Often!

Contest Terms & Conditions *In order to provide a fair system for all 3GG listeners, any winner agrees that in receiving their prize that they are ineligible to receive any additional prizes on 3GG for a period of 30 days from the date of winning that prize. If the prize drawer is one that involves a "Random Draw" from a pool of on line and / or phone entries - the announcer will try the supplied phone number twice. If there is no answer after the second try then there will be a re-draw until such time as we find a winner who answers. If a prize exceeds $100 in value then they will be ineligible to win any prize for a period of 60 days. If a prize exceeds $500 value then they will be ineligible to win any prize for a period of 90 days.
If you are looking for the clues thus far for the Ultimate Ear Test click here
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