The Big Boy Is Back!
And we aren’t talking about Deaksy. Thanks to
The Shell Warragul Roadhouse – Alfred St for Dine In, Chef Created Roast Lunches and Take Away Authentic Indian Curries
the Big Kahuna is ready to Bowl you over!

Every weekday from 6am til 6pm – the Big Kahuna is going to be sending them down lane 531 to see if he can strike you up a win!

To win a $50 – just guess how many pins he’ll knock over and if you guess correctly – one of his “pineapples” is all yours!

We start “sending them down” from September 10.

To add your name to Gippslands longest list of winners
– register your details below and stand by your phone.

More Chances To Win – More Often!

Contest Terms & Conditions
*In order to provide a fair system for all 3GG listeners, any winner agrees that in receiving their prize that they are ineligible to receive any additional prizes on 3GG for a period of 30 days from the date of winning that prize. If the prize drawer is one that involves a “Random Draw” from a pool of on line and / or phone entries – the announcer will try the supplied phone number twice. If there is no answer after the second try then there will be a re-draw until such time as we find a winner who answers. If a prize exceeds $100 in value then they will be ineligible to win any prize for a period of 60 days. If a prize exceeds $500 value then they will be ineligible to win any prize for a period of 90 days.

If you are looking for the clues thus far for the Ultimate Ear Test click here

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