Christmas Trail/Map

December 8, 2017 @ 9:00 am Australia/Melbourne Timezone

Putting up Christmas lights or displays? Put your home on the map for others to find.

Christmas is a time of beautiful lights and Christmas displays. It brings friends and neighbours together as they go to visit these delightful displays and create great memories and happy times.

EventRoads gives those who are putting up lights and displays, a way to put their homes on the map for others to find. You can even add photos or video of your work if you want to.

You can search your area for places that you want to visit and build your own Christmas Trail. Send your route(map) to Google maps & use navigation to get to the places on your route or print it out or share it.

The wish is for everyone to be able to plan great nights out with family and friends to see some great Christmas lights and displays. We want people to find places they would not have know about otherwise, and connect more people with their community.

We want to give those doing the hard work of putting up Christmas lights or displays:

a: Another avenue to let more people know what they are doing and where to find it.

b: Another way to show off their work.

c: A way to bring more people from their community to them that might otherwise not know about their efforts.

We want to give something to everyone that will be of benefit and will enrich the season.

You can find the site by visiting

Add your place for the whole holiday season. Now through to the end of December.

EventRoads is a free online community for everyone. It aims to connect people in their communities & increase their joy and enjoyment of the Christmas season.

It is offered as a free service and resource to enable people to add their homes to the map for others in the community to easily find.

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