Open Studios West Gippsland – Meet the Maker weekend

November 25, 2017 – November 26, 2017 all-day Australia/Melbourne Timezone
All over West Gippsland
Ian Matthews

A weekend to meet the creative minds who make amazing artwork in their home studios. Discover places you never knew existed. Listen to the story behind the work, browse and buy direct from the maker.


Meet Our Makers

1. Graeme Myrteza
5634 6387
0414 346 456
Graeme, a farmer from Gippsland, paints only in oils and mainly paints around the Gippsland area capturing early morn and late evening light. Getting there: best route via Cooks Road.
2. Angela Betheras
Nickelby At Darnum
0419 550 301
SAORI is a free form method of weaving, created from the heart with passion. Angela will show how she turns alpaca fibre into garments as one off wearable art pieces.
3. Russell Lilford
5622 0730
0432 043 856
My work moves through personal mythological experiences. I use painting and printmaking to realise an ongoing discourse with humans, culture and environment to examine the situation of our existence.
4. Anita George
Pen On Parchment Calligraphy
26 Church Street,
Warragul 3820
0437 562 215
With calligraphy as the starting point, you will find many different
mediums in Anita’s studio. Small lettering designs, large abstract art on paper, canvas or wood, garden sculptures, small ceramics and umbrellas.
5. Wendy Hitchins
5625 5349
0407 710 180
Handmade glass beads and jewellery.  See glass beadmaking demonstrations. Unique necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.
6. Lisa Kurec
0400 686 634
Inspired by the environment and Ukrainian customs, Lisa works in the traditional processes of printmaking, specialising in etching.
7. Val Connelly
0428 252 916
Val has won several awards for her bold and vibrant pastels shaping her vision of nature. Inspiration may come from a breaking wave, a striking bloom or the curve of a hillside.
8. Jessie McLennan
Instagram: jessie.mclennan
Jessie’s sculpture studio is crammed with her figurative sculptures.
She works in ceramic, plaster, concrete and metal and also teaches sculpture classes in this studio.
9. Kerrie Warren
Crossover 3821
0411 480 384
Through intuitively based artworks that include large-scale abstract paintings, thrown stoneware ceramics and poetic assemblages, Kerrie Warren explores life’s delicate balance, nature’s vulnerable fragility and her own sublime impermanence.
10. Roger Terrill
0418 592 986
Roger, a fine furniture artisan, creates African drums, Red Rock Drums, guitars and teaches percussion from Straw Studios, the home of his inspiration.
11. Sue Acheson
0407 805 278
The painterly ceramic work that Sue is producing at the moment examines the concept of knowledge being held by the core of the earth and within its rock forms. See how her work is created and inspired by the bushland on her beautiful block.
12. Phil Henshall
0418 318 187
Phil continues to explore
ASPECTIVISM™ at his new studio, after reluctantly departing Icy Creek.
13. Laurie Collins
5628 5224
Wander around the sculpture garden and visit Laurie’s Red Tree Gallery. Find the shed near the piles of rusty metal! Look for the fence with the dragons, fairies and FJ Holden (and the artist leaning on the letterbox).
14. Judy Mackintosh
0418 134 615
Local farmer, animal & bird lover, and passionate artist, Judy offers pet portraits in oils on canvas. Judy’s gallery and studio, once part of the old dairy, features portraits, landscapes and still life paintings.
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