Deaksy – Local Breakfast

breakfastJoin Deaksy for the Local Breakfast Show weekdays from 5:30am – 10am, Thanks to Gippslands Harvey Norman Stores in Moe, Warragul and Wonthaggi.

It’s all the fun of the fair complete with out of date packet of chips and plastic novelty toy banned in 5 states!

The E-File, On This Day, Your Day By The Stars, Traffic Updates every 15 Minutes, Gerald Quigley on a Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and Free Plug Friday & We’ll Tighten Up your Tuesday with Stefan from Gregories Fitness – there’s something for everyone.

Plus not forgetting the Ultimate Ear Test. With the jackpot valued over a $2000 dollars – its worth putting your hearing to the test. 4 Voices

Voice 1: Graeme Norton
Voice 2: Tom Hanks
Voice 3: Elvis Presley
Voice 4: A Male / Still Alive / Musical / Grew Up Around Hollywood / Something In Common With A “Grease” Star / Featured in a well known 80’s movie / Best known for my work with a group.

Congratulations to Daniel of Warragul who identified our last ear test and won $2040 back in May 2019 – the last voice was
Harry Wayne Casey or K.C from K.C & the Sunshine Band


Think you can beat Trent or Deaksy at “Lyrical Headlines” – the game every Friday after 8 where Lance reads out well known song lyrics in his Radio News style. It’s the first to correctly identify 2 songs to win a 3GG prize pack and bragging rights. Complete the form below if you would like to have a go!

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