Deaksy – Local Breakfast

breakfastJoin Deaksy for the Local Breakfast Show weekdays from 5:30am – 10am, Thanks to Gippslands Harvey Norman Stores in Moe, Warragul and Wonthaggi.

It’s all the fun of the fair complete with out of date packet of chips and plastic novelty toy banned in 5 states!

The E-File, On This Day, Your Stars, Traffic Updates every 15 Minutes, Gerald Quigley on a Wednesday, Tighten Up Thursday and Free Plug Friday & John Blackman’s Tips – there’s something for everyone.

Plus the Ultimate Ear Test. With a jackpot valued over a $2500 dollars – its worth putting your hearing to the test.

Clue Number 1: An Everyday Sound for some.
Clue Number 2: A Sound that could have been made inside TM&H.
Clue Number 3: Optional.
Clue Number 4: Designed to carry multiples.
Clue Number 5: Plastic.
Clue Number 6: Rarely Removed.

Some of the incorrect guesses = Cash Drawer / removing a cup from a water cooler / using an eftpos machine / opening a can of paint / mixing a can of paint / stapler / putting a tape into a vcr / putting a coin in to a shopping trolley / pulling out a shopping basket / Putting on the lid of a “Britta Filter” / Removing a credit card from a wallet or purse

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