Vinyl Survival

This ladies and gentlemen is the Pit of Hits. As you can see “no expense has been spared!” Deaksy, Trent & Lance have all put in 1 song they love – each morning at 7:10 we will draw out 1 song (and it could be a song that you the listener has suggested -complete the form below). Whoever’s song is pulled out – the others have 3 minutes to come up with their own song (that ties in with a word from the chosen song) that they think can win the battle. As always the vote will come down to you the listener to decide the winner. If a listener song is pulled from the pit of hits – all 3 will have to choose a song giving you 4 to select from. The boys will replace the songs every time one is used.

Tuesday’s “I Am” Vinyl Survival Live

  • Deaksy - Helen
    67% 19 / 28
  • Trent - Time Bandits
    25% 7 / 28
  • Lance - The Look
    7% 2 / 28

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